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I was surprised how well he handled the cool temperature of the water. Once he was told to start swimming he started right in and swam the whole length of the pool with some cheering on to keep him focused. I was very excited that he enjoyed it so much. 


-Dan Jones


I think it’s awesome there is an Adaptive Aquatics program for children with special needs. The program works with the children at their own speed and ability, as well as encouraging them to work hard to gain these skills needed to learn how to swim. The program has adaptive pool equipment  that meets the needs of each individual in order to focus on the needs of each swimmer. 


The Special Olympics program is wonderful. Most of these children would otherwise be unable to participate in other sports programs. These children deserve to be able to participate in sports events as any other child is entitled to. This encourages the child to have fun while being physically active, making friends, gaining gross motor skills, as well as boosting their self-esteem. 


Thank-you for these wonderful programs!


-Alison Jones

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