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The United Wolf Pack held our annual Poker Run/Silent Auction on August 27th, 2022. It was a beautiful day for the event, and we had over 100 participants and 60 motorcycles for our run. Cash prizes were awarded for the top three poker hands, and there were several drawings for donated door prizes. We had a great turn out for the tasty meal afterward, and our silent auction was also very successful.

We would like to thank the volunteers, donors, and sponsors that make this event a success every year!


Almost one-third of our annual fundraising income is a result of this event. Those funds help us provide our athletes with opportunities to practice and participate in the Special Olympics of South Dakota sports of bowling, basketball, swimming, track and field, power lifting, cheer and softball. The Wolf Pack also strives to provide additional specialized practices and events for our basketball players, track and field participants, power lifters and swimmers.


Again, we are not a state funded team and rely on fundraising events like these to help us achieve our team goals.


Thank you for your continued support!

THANK YOU to everyone who attended our first Autumn Feast Fundraiser!

A special thanks goes out to everyone who donated their time and culinary skills to help make this event a big success!

(August 2022)


The Penguin Project is a program started by Dr. Andy Morgan, a developmental pediatrician, in Illinois.  He had the idea of combining artists with developmental disabilities and acting.  He started the program in Illinois in 2004, and now there are over 40 chapters all over the United States, including here in Sioux Falls, SD.  The unique program pairs young actors with developmental disabilities (ages 10-25 years) with mentors of similar age and different abilities.  The special actors fill the major roles, and the mentors fill minor roles and serve to support and facilitate the process.  It is a fun and rewarding experience for all involved.  They all act, sing, dance, and perform.  In this inaugural year, they will be presenting Annie Jr. through the Premier Playhouse at the Orpheum Theater in Sioux Falls August 12th-14th.  The Wolf Pack is represented in the cast by several athletes including Taylor P. in the role of Lily, Hunter R. in the role of Rooster, Emmalynn S. as Miss Hannigan, and Emily G. as the orphans Duffy and Kate.

Come and support your team members and the arts.




(August 2022)

Why do we need to fund raise?

The United Wolf Pack Special Olympics team is not a state-sponsored Special Olympics team.  This means that we rely on sponsors and donations to provide all the necessary equipment and supports for our team.  Fundraising allows us to be able to provide each athlete with a uniform and the opportunities to participate in several sports (basketball, swim, track and field, bowling, softball skills, power lifting, and cheer).  We rent facilities for practices and provide sports equipment so athletes can practice their sports.  We often host our own Wolf Pack team events, which provide our athletes opportunities to practice and have social interactions with their fellow teammates and their families.  We also have administrative costs including printing expenses, computer, website and software expenses, and other office expenses.  Our team is lucky enough to be able to provide Carole Wolf, our Head Coach and Head of Delegation, with an honorarium for all of her work for our team and athletes.  She works diligently at this job for our team.  We rely on participation in our fundraising to help provide all of this.


Our main fundraisers are an annual mass mailing to potential sponsors, The Attic Silent Auction, Raffle and Gathering in February, and The Wolf Pack Poker Run, Silent Auction, Raffle, and Meal in August. 

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